Bookings will be confirmed and secured only after our receipt of your deposit. 
Generally the deposit is an amount equal to half the accommodation charge. 
Payment can be made by EFT but preferably by credit or debit card. 
Please advise the card details, either by phone or email, including the expiry date and security code. 
If by EFT we will furnish you with our details. 


Generally in the event of a cancellation 14 days before the commencement of your stay during an off peak period the deposit may be forfeited. 
28 days notice before the commencement of your stay is required if you change your mind about staying during a peak period like Christmas, Easter, school holidays, sports events, UNE schools or graduations, big events, etc. 
If we are able to fill the vacancy your cancellation has created then at our discretion and depending on the circumstances of your cancellation we may either happily refund your deposit (less an administration fee of $30.00) or transfer it to be used at another time. This stay must be within 12 months from payment of the original deposit. 

The Balance

  • The balance of the accommodation charge is payable 2 weeks before the commencement of the stay.
  • In line with common practice a 1.5% surcharge will be imposed when the  final payment at the time of stay is made by card, i.e.  for any optional extras and meals.....unless of course you prefer to pay in cash.